Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a feeling this is going to get a LOT of people uptight. But, I have to do what God tells me to do. For those who know me, do you expect anything else? :-)

Okay, I'm reading in my Beth Moore Bible study (Living Beyond Yourself - Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit) today and come across something that just reinforced my understanding of life beginning at conception. See where this might get sticky for some?

The lesson is on humilty. Elizabeth's life of humility was lived out in front of John (who became John the Baptist and was spoken of, by Christ, as great among men.
Matthew 11:11
"Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he."

So, in the passage where Scripture tells us Elizabeth will have the child John, we see this phrase in the New American Standard Version: Luke 1:15
"...and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother's womb."

Now, in order to understand why this particular version is necessary, I have to tell you that there is concesus among Bible scholars as to this NAS version being the most accurate translation of the original languages. If you read this verse in the NIV, you find that it says "from birth". A much different meaning for what God revealed to me. The NIV is known for being a paraphrased translation.

If we, as Christians, believe that Jesus Christ NEVER died prior to His death on the cross then we HAVE to believe that life begins at conception! Otherwise, when He left heaven to be planted in Mary's womb, there was a time when He was not "living". He was not in heaven. We are told He gave UP His place in heaven to become fully Man for the forgiveness of our sins. SO, either He was in heaven until some time after the conception of Him in Mary's womb (which we do NOT have told to us in the Scriptures) OR life begins at conception!

I know many of you are saying, "Yeah, that's what I've always believed. What's the big deal?" The big deal is that we have Scriptural backing FOR that belief in the form of our Lord and Savior! Also, for those who may have thought there was some time after the egg is fertilized in which life happens, we don't have any basis for that according to our belief in Christ.

There may be women reading this blog who have had abortions. My heart aches for you. I cannot imagine the pain. I CAN imagine, and have felt, the forgiveness of our loving Savior. Open your heart to Him and allow that pain to be healed in His mighty compassion for you. I am not intending to make that pain more difficult. I cannot keep silent about the things God gives me, though.

I hope this makes sense. I'm writing it as quickly as I can type! The excitement overwhelmed me and, frankly, I HAD to get it out. My poor hubby got a phone call from me a few minutes ago and he probably thought I was going slightly nuts. :-) Well, more nuts than I already am! :-)

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Lily Sue said...

Life absolutely does begin at conception! You would not believe what they teach in nursing school though....all about 'it's not your concern what a patient chooses to do' and 'family planning,' 'fetus,' 'pro-choice,' 'Planned Parenthood,' etc. are all words they throw around like it's truth!
I love nursing, but I'm telling you, what they TRY to teach regarding abortion is downright sinful and very partial toward abortion and 'choice to abort' living babies/souls!